1 June bag ban marks the beginning of the end for single-use plastics in NSW

by Wendy Paulucci on May 30, 2022

Single-use plastics are on the way out with a ban on lightweight plastic bags from 1 June. The ban on lightweight plastic bags is just the first in a succession of bans that will see a range of environmentally damaging plastic items disappear from NSW.

Plastic bags banned from 1 June include

  • lightweight plastic bags of 35 microns or less (including compostable and bioplastic alternatives)

Plastics bags not banned from 1 June include

  • thicker plastic bags over 35 microns (such as bags at some supermarkets and boutique stores)
  • barrier bags such as produce and deli bags, bin liners, compost caddy liners, nappy bags and pet-waste bags


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