Mini Bags make the perfect plastic bag replacement

by Wendy Paulucci on July 06, 2022

You might still have a cupboard or drawer packed full of them — but from now on, the humble lightweight plastic bag is banned from use in NSW. 

Single-use plastic bags will be the first plastic item to be phased out in the state this year as part of the NSW government's plan to cut litter and pollution.

It is estimated more than 2.7 billion plastic items end up in waterways across NSW each year, and single-use plastic items equate to 60 per cent of the state's litter.

These reusable Mini bags make the perfect replacement and are ridiculously handy! Small enough to keep a couple in your handbag or glove box, or even your pocket! It's even easy to roll them back up, check out our video here

They come in a pack of 4, in 2 different colourways, machine washable too.
Never be caught out again, always remember your Minis! You can find them here

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