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Can't decide? Want them all? 
Leave it to us, we've put together a few mixed bag of bags, different sizes, different shapes, but all super popular, and super useful. We're even giving you a 10% discount (included in the price).

All packs have 3 mixed bags to choose from and all feature great complimentary sets of our eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags.

The Budget Mixed Bag set is an excellent all-rounder set of bags for groceries and general shopping needs at an unbeatable price - a great place to start, the All Natural Mixed Bag set features 100% all natural bags made from Cotton and Jute, ideal for those looking to keep their environmental footprint to an absolute minimum, and The Mixed Bag set really is just that - a sampling across the full range of bags we offer.

Plus, get Free Shipping on our Natural and Mixed bag sets as they both qualify for our $75 minimum free shipping offer.